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Looks great how long can you wear it for

Haha no he wasn't kidding and he's also my boyfriend. You'd have to talk to h...

Which plug is this? I've been wanting to get one that I can wear around when ...

Have you now tested it for longer amount of time? And also out for ex. shopping?

How does it feel? Seems good for longer wearing?

Get home from work then!

Which one is this? I'm looking for one to wear around.

It feels quite comfortable, very pleasurable. I have yet to test it for a lon...

I'm going to have sex with you.

Dammit Joseph, its a simple point and shoot!

I think he may have been kidding But I'll take you up on your offer to take t...

Booty call booty beads!

Curious about this. How long do you wear this for when you say "going out"? ...

Then you take it. Not nice.

Second this-- looks SO comfy :)

Going out! Work or play haha

If you see few pictures here, try this link