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M7vtfRq.jpgI thought this was so pretty I had to redo it!!FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites
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Thanks so much, I was hoping someone would do that. Any more pics you would l...

Just out of curiosity, what kind of plug is that?

That makes you quiet.... And say "wow,nice"

so where would one acquire panties such as these? are these considered crotch...

wow, that is so hot

Ill add more pictures from that evening, later tonight.

Thank you..... One of my favorite comments. :)

This is the sexiest thing I have ever seen.

Looks good to me. I wouldn't say no to more though. Thanks for sharing :)

Totally awesome. Beautiful!

Thank you. I would have done it earlier but it took a while and a bit of pra...

This is very beautiful. Good work.

Gorgeous picture!

You are most welcome!

If you see few pictures here, try this link